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In music theory, the tritone is defined as a musical interval composed of three adjacent whole tones. For instance, the interval from F up to the B above it (in short,  Augmented fourth and - Definitions - Size in different tuning - Common uses. 17 Feb - 3 min - Uploaded by Two Minute Music Theory Why is it called the tritone if there are only two notes? Why is it called the Devil's Interval? Don. 14 May - 4 min - Uploaded by LivingPianosVideos The Tritone: The Devil's Interval? Two Minute Music Theory 56, views. What is.

13 Feb What is a tritone? We explain five common characteristics, list all possible tritones and show you how to find the tritone in chords and Tritone: Tritone, in music, the interval encompassed by three consecutive whole steps, as for instance the distance from F to B (the whole steps F–G, G–A, and. 29 Mar As much as it's inspired composers to explore the dark side in music, however, the Devil's Tritone—a.k.a. the diminished fifth—also has a.

Tritone is the interval of three whole tones between two notes. In other words, when we play simultaneously two notes that have three tones of distance between. tritone (plural tritones). (music) An interval of three whole tones. quotations ▽. , February 17 got to a groove. The tritone has a pitch ratio close to But a diminished fifth (such as F# up to C) is just a tritone turned upside-down ( inverted) and is treated in traditional music with the same care as the tritone. 20 Feb Built by pairing two major triads a tritone apart, and then placing those notes in scale order, the tritone scale brings a nice level of tension to. Like the Beast, it goes by many names: Diabolus in musica (devil in music), the devil's interval, the tritone, the triad and the flatted fifth. As its Latin moniker.

Tritone definition, an interval consisting of three whole tones; an augmented fourth. See more. So you want to find out how to resolve a tritone? “Well ” I believe you made the right decision because a vast majority of musicians usually DON'T go beyond. 16 Jul If you've ever studied any music theory or are just given to reading about music, you've probably heard of the tritone — it's an interval that's. 10 Apr Tritone definition is - a musical interval of three whole steps.


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