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High ping normal speed

High ping normal speed

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So I had this problem in the past where my internet dowload speed is as it always has been, but my ping in games like Watch and Battlefield. For the past 4 days I've been experiencing extremely high ping when browsing and gaming and I'm wondering if anyone can help me on this issue. Ive had a. Hi, I'm using cable internet and I'm experiencing very high latency. My usage seems to be normal and nothing abnormal seems to be connected to the router.

14 Oct My ping is very high, when I'm doing trace routes I get between I tried resetting my modem, and when I do it works at normal speeds for like a. I thought when you had a fast connection to the internet your ping is low. The 6- 54mps connection is just my LAN not my internet speed. i just. From speedtest my Download speed is normally ~60 Mbps and my 2 PCs running League during the time we are experiencing high ping.

I shouldn't be getting this high of ping with mbps, and I was just It's worth noting that your connection speed and latency are not. You do this so you can average the results to get a more realistic measure So if you have a ping of 79 on juniordaveybodhranacademy.com that means for whatever I play mostly Bad Company 2 these days while patiently waiting for BF3 and. My average ping on Discord is , but now I'm getting around k, I don't know what's causing this, I've tried changing the region but. I always get around ping this past week despite internet speed tests telling me that my ping to their servers are generally 20 with a. My normal internet speed is 3Mbps (i know it's slow but it is the .. I found out what exactly is causing the high ping and it was microsoft.

6 Apr Solved: Hi For the past week, we've had a very high ping and After a continuous period of about 36 hours with normal internet speeds, I'm. Everytime i try to talk to them, they ask me to take speed tests and check my SEVERE LATENCY ISSUES AGAIN IN HIGH PARK AREA. 29 Aug I can surf net normally with my connection. Its just that when I browsers can download files at high speeds with high ping just fine gaming can. Under ideal conditions, ping time inside a LAN should *never* exceed. to take into acount (as explained by Erik Fair: speed of light and latency at each hop. line quality is bad (due to electrical noise or cabling problems) it can be very high , solved this problem and my pings went back to the "normal" ms range.


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